Travel – First glimpse of Israel

Coming to Israel was a real culture shock. During the short taxi trip from the Ben Gurion airport to a Tel Aviv hostel I spotted a feral cat (they are everywhere!) and saw someone get knocked off their scooter (the driving here is erratic). The driving is unlike the way we drive in Australia, there’s no giving way, everyone honks at each other and there’s no such thing as head-checks. As for the taxi drivers, they’re all Israeli’s, not foreigners.

After a night’s stay in a Tel Aviv hostel I embarked on a train trip to a suburb called Qazir, where i’m staying with family. Like the red buses of London, the trains in Israel are double decker. Before you can even step foot into the train station, your bags are screened just like at the airport.

There are soldiers everywhere. Surprisingly unnerving, is the fact that they’re all carrying guns. And, for those who don’t know, it’s not just the men who are enlisted in the Israel Defense Force. In Israel everyone has to enlist in the army, no matter whether you’re female or male.

The landscape is beautiful. The views are stunning, it’s all hills and houses on those hills. The Dead Sea can also be seen from here. At night, you’re breath is taken away by the lights of houses, etc. glowing in the dark, like Melbourne’s city buildings at night.

P.S. Can you tell that i’m still jetlagged and struggling with the heat?


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  1. Kosta says:

    Sounds amazing and it can truly be pictured by your description! A lot of what you’ve described also sounds like Greece, feral dogs and cats everywhere, terrible driving…hahaha. And it kind of sounds like you’re on a CIA spy mission lol. Well it sounds like you’re already having fun. I look forward to more updates!

    1. Oh really? Greece is a place I’ve wanted to go to for a while , it looks so picturesque and relaxing. Next holiday I think will be a Eurotrip… Then I can visit Paris, Italy, Greece, etc.

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