My first time presenting on a newsdesk

On our last day of journalistic storytelling classes I got to try out presenting at the newsdesk in City University’s broadcast studio.

The module was split into three categories: Radio, television and print to learn about creating stories by using different mediums. As the course has a big number of students (60+) we were split into 6 groups with 2 each of the same medium each rotation. We undertook 3 weeks in each plus an extra week in our first medium to get a taster of whether we want to specialise in the print or broadcast (radio and television) pathway for the rest of the course.

My group started on print which required going out and interviewing people and researching then writing up hard news stories.

We then moved onto radio. For the first two weeks we learnt how to write radio scripts, enhance stories with natural sound and produce audio radio pieces. Each week we put these elements together to produce 1:30-2 minute radio pieces.

In the third we got to test out  reading out news items from the university’s radio studio. We then listened back to our recordings. Unfortunately I do not have a copy of the audio file to put up.

The final weeks for my group were spent honing our skills in television journalism. We learnt how to write television scripts, enhance stories with natural sound and film and edit our own footage.

In the final class we each got to try out presenting from the news desk as well as counting in the presenter as a producer in the university’s television studio.

Below is the clip of me presenting:


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