Ham & High’s top stories of 2015 – December

I compiled an overview of the top stories making the news in Ham & High  for each month of the year. This was published in print as a 5-page spread on December 31st 2015.

Front page stories:

A PA at a property company committed fraud against her boss and stole more  than £23,000 while also pilfering funds from the firm. Angela Heim was working at Hillersdon Estates and Investments Ltd where she was accused of transferring £300,000 from company accounts to her own accounts over the span of five years and £23,257.40 from her boss between March 20 to July 16 last year. She made up fake entries in the company books to cover up her tracks. Heim resigned from the firm last year. She pleaded guilty to both charges and was jailed for a total of three years. (The original story can be viewed here)

A nurse was caught moonlighting at the Wellington Hospital in St John’s Wood whilst pocketing sick pay from The Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust. When caught, the nurse, Rachel Makombe, claimed it was her twin sister. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) found that in late February Makombe reported to her ward manager that she had been vomiting earlier that day. Upon being recognised, she lied, saying she had a twin working at the Royal Free. She was later suspended by the NMC for four months. (The original stories can be viewed here and here)

Light-hearted: A children’s book and animation called The Ghostly, Frozen Chicken of Highgate Hill have been created following a pub conversation about a chicken that haunts Pond Square. Ben Luff’s creations are loosely based on 17th century philosopher Sir Francis Bacon’s attempt at freezing methods which are believed to have contributed to his death from pneumonia in 1626. The book is now available on Amazon. (The original story can be viewed here)

Controversy: Motorists parking on a section of Chetwynd Road in Kentish Town win £25,000 back in parking fines due to a sign facing the pavement rather than the road. They were hit by fines for parking during the hours of 4pm-7pm every day unaware that it was a bus lane during those times. 192 drivers received money back for getting fines from January 27 to June 22 after Michael Lazarus, who was one of the people fined, campaigned against the unfair fine. He is continuing to lobby for further fines to be scrapped for a period when the sign was covered by leaves hanging from a tree. (The original story can be viewed here)