Ham & High’s top stories of 2015 – May

I compiled an overview of the top stories making the news in Ham & High  for each month of the year. This was published in print as a 5-page spread on December 31st 2015.

Front page story: A Billionaire magnate inherited Highgate home Witanhurst, the second biggest house in London, after the Queen’s humble abode. One of Russia’s richest men Andrey Guryev Sr, founder of the world’s largest producers of fertiliser, PhosAgro, inherited the property as a beneficiary of Safran Holdings Ltd who have owned the property since 2008. Residents didn’t hold high hopes that he would actively mingle with the rest of the residents. The identity of the new owner was previously kept secret. (The original can be viewed here)

Controversy: Residents and businesses in Summersby road in Highgate and Lynton Road in Crouch End learned they were to lose their homes and businesses due to redevelopment plans. Haringey council proposed that new housing to be built and completed by 2026 to solve a housing crisis in the borough. (The original can be viewed here).


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