Ham & High’s top stories of 2015 – April

I compiled an overview of the top stories making the news in Ham & High  for each month of the year. This was published in print as a 5-page spread on December 31st 2015.

Front page story:

Thieves nabbed 120 antique watches dating as far back as the early 1700s from the Vintage Watch Store valued at over £200,000. After watching CCTV footage of the incident owner, Simon Drachman, concluded the thief was a professional due to his precision in manoeuvring around the store. The original story can be viewed here.

Light-hearted: Tufnell Park pest controller Imogen Levinson stars in a show then gets recognised on the street. Taking her real life to screen, Levison was one of four women starring in the four-part BBC2 series The Ladykillers: Pest Detectives featuring the ladies tackling mice, fleas, moths and bed bugs. Only 6 per cent of pest controllers in London are female.

Controversy: Tensions flared up between the Friends of Highgate Cemetery (FoHC) and an anonymous group of grave owners who accused the FoHC of rigging the decisions of who gets to sit on the cemetery’s board of trustees. The cemetery was advising members against voting for volunteer Doreen Aislabie to fill one of three vacancies. An anonymous letter was sent to Ham & High from grave owners saying they were outraged at the decision and an anonymous Friend said that volunteers were disadvantaged when it came to being elected. The original can be viewed here.


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