A short (long) introduction of my experience as a writer



My passion for the English language started from a primary school age. I first realised I could navigate the English language so meticulously in grade 2 when one of my school friends asked me in class to help her spell some words.

A love for writing and reading also evolved from that time in my life and continued through to high school. At this point, I had not quite yet realised my potential and passion for writing. However, when it came to VCE, I decided that journalism could be a viable career choice for me.

Upon completing high school in 2006, I undertook a year-long Certificate IV in Liberal Arts at Holmesglen TAFE. In 2008 I was accepted at Monash University to complete a Bachelor of Arts were I studied a major in journalism.

From the minute I commenced university, I was contributing pieces of writing to various publications. For two years I wrote for Monash Caulfield student publication, Esperanto. During the second year of the course a fellow journalism student started up a website which I contributed to for two years as a music reviewer and feature writer. The website was run entirely by students.

During the third and final year of study there was a subject available which gave the students a chance to intern within the journalism industry. Internships ranged from major and local newspapers, radio, magazines, broadcast etc. With a passion for pursuing a career as an arts and culture reporter I selected and was accepted as an intern at local street press publication Inpress Magazine. During the 14-week internship I had live music and album reviews published.

Another option within the subject was an overseas study tour. Under the guidance of journalism lecturer Andrea Baker, sixteen journalism students, including myself, embarked on a two-week study tour of NY & London. The group visited the following world-leading media outlets and organisations:

NY-  Bloomberg, Associated Press (AP), Time Out Magazine, United Nations, Thomson Reuters and Rolling Stone Magazine.

UK – Agence-France Presse (AFP), The Times BBC Television Centre, BBC World, BBC Broadcasting House, and Al Jazeera English.

I felt privileged to be part of this trip because it allowed the group to gain an insight into some of the biggest media organisations in the world that we would otherwise have difficulty gaining access to. We were personally taken around each organisation by an editor, presenter, writer, broadcaster, etc. Additionally we were given time to ask questions about the organisation and journalism in general.

My favourite, by far, was visiting the Rolling Stone Headquarters in NY. To be a reporter for this magazine has been a dream job of mine for many years. Unfortunately, founder, Jann Wenner was no-where to be found. Our lecturer had a difficult time gaining permission to visit the publication and was stunned when we were greeted by not one but five of the writers and editors. Later on we met one of the art directors who designs the Rolling Stone covers. It was amazing hearing about their favourite interviews which included one of them making Mickey Rourke cry while having a meal with him because the reporter started asking about Rourke’s beloved dog, that had died recently at the time of the interview. Another told us about the time he got to interview Bruce Springsteen over the phone. He couldn’t believe it. We also go to view (and touch, and hold) an original first edition copy of Rolling Stone featuring John Lennon on the cover wearing a military uniform outfit and helmet.

Each student had to produce a news piece in each city respectively. My stories, one about Spaniards celebrating their World Cup win by jumping into fountains at Trafalgar square, can be viewed here and the other, a review of Green Day’s American Idiot NY Broadway show here.

Upon graduating from Monash University in March 2011 I decided to travel to Israel to gain more experience in the journalism industry before embarking on a career. In Israel, I participated in the MASA WUJS 5-month internship program from September 2011- February 2012. For the duration of the program I lived in the holy land, the city of Jerusalem.

The program involved attending Hebrew and Judaism classes, an internship, and field trips around the country. Prior to leaving for Israel I produced a piece for NY/LA/Israel-based cultural website, Jerusalem Blueprint which can be viewed here.

After 3 weeks of intensive Hebrew classes, I commenced an internship at Jerusalem Challenge, a youth organisation based in Jerusalem that focuses on bringing Israeli’s and non-Israeli’s together. Their emphasis is strongly centred on community. I produced and transcribed an interview with Forum Rechavia, which can be viewed here. I was also in charge of the social media side of the organisation. The interview I produced for the organisation can be viewed here.

I left that internship after a successful interview to intern at Jerusalem Post newspaper – a Jerusalem based newspaper and news site published in English. I worked mostly independently in producing general news and arts & culture stories. The articles I had published with them can be viewed here, here, here, here (also published in The Australian Jewish News Sydney edition) and here. Additionally, I learnt how to fact check articles after reporters submitted their stories to the editors and attended editorial meetings. Additional articles that were written in my apartment can also be viewed on this website.

As part of participating in the arts track (field trips, lectures and film classes) for part of the program I was matched with a journalist as a mentor. My mentor, Suzanne, was a journalist who worked freelance as a writer for the Jerusalem Report (a branch of the Jerusalem Post newspaper). Her guidance immensely improved my skills and confidence as a journalist. In the final month of the program, I meticulously researched and wrote a feature story focusing on Dutch Holocaust Righteous Among the Nations individual, 100-years-old Mrs. Pieternella Van Rangelrooy. The story delves into the reasons why gentiles helped save Jews during World War II and why these individuals should be honoured. A modified version of the original story was published in the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Centre Museum bi-annual publication, Centre News in late September/early October 2012.

In May of 2012, I undertook an internship at Warwick Daily News in country QLD. My published articles can be viewed here, here, here and here.

In August 2012 I volunteered at the Melbourne Writers Festival. My role was to scan patrons tickets at the ACMI events throughout the festival.

Throughout my studies and since graduating from university, I have continued to write on topics that spark ideas in my mind, which in turn, are published on this website.

One of my career goals is to pursue a career in the magazine industry. My passion for magazines also started at a young age when my sisters and I used to read and collect Disney Adventures and K-ZONE amongst other children’s magazine.

Into my teens I turned to reading all the girly magazines, including Girlfriend, Cleo, Cosmo and Dolly Magazine.

Into my late teens and early adolescence my interests moved toward the arts and culture. I got into reading Rolling Stone, Frankie, Triple J/JMag, Inpress, Beat, Film Ink, MAG, Empire Magazine and Yen. Additionally, Each time I travel overseas I buy magazines that are native to the countries I’m traveling to.

In October 2013 I commenced contributing music reviews and interviews to arts and culture website the AU review. For a full list of articles published by the AU review click here.

In 2014, I continued to look for work and write. I have been involved in freelance writing and also participated in Pedestrian Coach sessions, which involves live interactive lectures and Q&A sessions with writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, fashion workers, etc. around the world.

I am currently studying an MA in International Journalism at City University in London. The MA is a hands-on postgraduate course that delves into journalism on a global scale. The course has 63 students who come from over 20 different countries and runs from September 2015 – June 2016.

During this course I studied the following subjects; journalistic storytelling, International News, Media Law, Global Journalism, International Online Journalism, journalism ethics, a specialism in International Correspondence and print production (we were trained on different styles of writing and produced a website and magazine from scratch).

During the course I also undertook work placements at local weekly newspaper Ham & Ham, national daily papers the Independent and Daily Mail‘s sister publcation Mail on Sunday as well as European broadcasters euronews at their headquarters in Lyon.

NOTE: My full journalism resume can be viewed here.

You can follow me on twitter here or my Facebook page here.


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