News stories – Cooking duo hit the right beets in treats

This article was originally published in print in The Herbert River Express on April  29 2017

WITH health-conscious eating on the rise two former Ingham State High School students have reopened their cafe serving the community healthy treats.

The Beet Bar owners and sisters, Carly Chiesa, 29 and Megan Wessel, 27, have run their cafe on Flinders Street, Townsville, for the past two years.

Carly became a registered nurse and Megan studied beauty therapy, but Megan said because they grew up in a household that loved to cook, the girls knew they wanted to do something that involved food.

“In the beginning we didn’t know how we wanted the business to look,” Ms Wessel said.

“But we knew we wanted it to be healthy, grab and go food, that was nutritious and accessible to everyone.”

Born and bred in Ingham, both girls moved away from home at 18.

The business was very much a hands-on affair, with the girls redesigning the cafe themselves, and all food and drinks were made in-store.

The cafe sold fully refined sugar free, dairy free and gluten free, and vegan products.

“It’s all 100 per cent nutritious; nothing bad goes into the food we make,” Ms Wessel said.

Megan said the girls were influenced by their parents to eat healthy, but found that Townsville had a gap in the market.

She said they were looking for a place they could eat healthy grab-and-go-food and their business had been thriving.

“Yeah, it’s really good. We’re very lucky, because it’s a bit hard for businesses at the moment; we’re a very unique sort of business,” Ms Wessel said.

“We’ve refined the menu and made it a bit more gourmet and we’re really focusing on healthy fast food.”

“Since we did the renovations we’ve been packed.”

“Lunchtime is non-stop and people are using the seating, so it’s working.”


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