Listicle: Five exciting ways to exercise in London

This article was published on Alive magazine’s website on 3 June 2016.
The original can be  viewed here. The health and wellbeing magazine and website were produced by myself and 21 of my City University London MA international journalism print pathway colleagues from scratch over the span of 6-7 weeks

Sometimes exercising, like sitting in an office, can be tedious and repetitive. So try one of these alternative activities that are so fun you’ll forget that you were working out in the first place.

Color Run

The Hindu festival of Holi inspired this fun run. Thousands of people take part in the untimed 5km event every year where coloured starch is thrown at them. Wearing white clothing is not mandatory but is recommend.


Bounce back to your childhood at one of London’s trampolining centres. These centres provide a safe space to jump or flip from trampoline to trampoline or into foam pits. You can even join in on a game of dodgeball or slam dunk some basketballs!

The sport is low impact and assists in improving balance, coordination and motor skills.

Bubble football

Londoners love their football and with the addition of kicking around the ball while being encased in a clear round plastic bubble this sport just got a whole lot more entertaining. Spectating can be just as fun as you watch the players bounce into each other and fall onto the ground waving their legs in the air.


Get your glow sticks ready for a group fitness class with a twist. Clubbercise makes you feel just like you’re at a rave.

The organisers claim that this 60-minute class helps build stamina, tones your body and can burn up to 500 calories per session.

Circus classes

If you’ve ever wanted to run away to join the circus now’s your chance. If you like to fly high why not try out a trapeze, silks or aerial yoga class. If you like to keep your feet on the ground but still want to be adventurous acrobatics is more your style.

These activities are great for increasing flexibility and improving fitness.

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