Features: Your chicken in reverse: PETA’s latest shocking campaign video

This article was published on Alive magazine’s website on 20 May 2016.
The original can be  viewed here. The health and wellbeing magazine and website were produced by myself and 21 of my City University London MA international journalism print pathway colleagues from scratch over the span of 6-7 weeks

Animal advocacy group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has revealed the way chickens are sourced before they end up as food.

Chicken in Reverse shows what People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) considers to be the appalling treatment chickens are put through before they are slaughtered, packaged and sent off to the supermarket for consumption.

Its celebrity supporters range from Miley Cyrus to Lady Gaga, and Pink.

Sadly, the real stars of the videos are the animals. PETA campaign videos are known for their undercover footage depicting the cruelty to animals on farms and in factories. These animals eventually become food for humans or products such as handbags, belts and wallets.

Sustainability blogger Iris Cohen, 26, promotes living a healthy lifestyle. She has followed a vegan lifestyle for the past year.

“PETA are renowned for their adverts and I always find them quite interesting and informative and on this occasion they’ve done that by showing what kind of work goes towards getting that chicken on your plate,” she said.

For Rimsha Bahl, 26, the thought of the video goes much deeper. Rimsha was raised as a vegetarian in India, but while studying in London, she consumes meat once or twice a week.

She said: “There’s been many articles and videos that have come out showing the mistreatment of animals, but this one made me feel like throwing up.”

Despite this feeling of sickness, she continues to eat animal products due to the nutrients contained in meat, milk and eggs.

However, she ensures that her make-up is not tested on animals.

“My intake of meat is minimal, and I wouldn’t want to completely give up eating meat because a video surfaced on the Internet. Whenever I’m home [in India], I buy meat from the butcher so I never knew the process of packaged meat.”

On the other hand, Christopher Marchant, 23, has never been a vegetarian or vegan but he would be keen to try out being “vegetarian for a month”.

He believes the video doesn’t accurately portray the treatment of animals and that the vegan lifestyle is quite an unhealthy way to live.

“An issue with this video is that it’s somewhat of a “show reel” of the worst poultry farming secretly filmed by PETA. It doesn’t give an accurate portrayal of the ‘average’ chicken breast on the ‘average’ dinner plate in the UK.” he said.

“If PETA want to campaign for complete veganism for all, then they’re campaigning for the obliteration of key food industries and an unhealthy population to go with it.”

So scroll down and watch the video. Unless you’re too chicken.


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