Theatre – Post-Opera Company presents Faure Project: Fragments of Our Heart @ Gasworks Theatre Albert Park 20/06/2014

This review was published on the AU review on 21/06/2014 and can be viewed here.

Some performers would be thrown off by performing to an audience as big as the cast, however this small company of performers stayed focused on the job at hand.

The recently formed non-profit Melbourne-based performance company Post-Opera Company put together a part opera, part dance performance and part poetry show called Faure Project: Fragments of Our Hearts, which combines different art forms to portray a love story.

Narrator David Kemp introduced the audience to the seasons and young love using poetry, intertwining the two into his monologues. The contemporary dance movements of DJ Pearce and Heidi Lupprian accompanied his monologues. The emotions and movements of the dancers chopped and changed as pianist Jack Earle alternated the tempo in his playing throughout the short performance. The operatic voices of Dannielle O’Keefe and Kristian Gregory took a back seat to the story.

In an interview with the AU review  earlier this month, artistic director of the Post-Opera Company and tonight’s production, Bernard Leon, told the website theatre was chosen because the venue provided the right lighting needed for the show. As the lovers embraced and danced around you could see their shadows on one of the walls; could this represent the past of the two characters following them as their relationship progresses?

Despite being the debut performance for this small experimental company, the show went well without a hitch. Each performer was talented, although Pearce could have put a bit more grace into his dance movements. The lighting and use of a small venue created an intimate feeling for the audience. And the only flaw of the show was that the story of the two lovers did not seem to have a structured beginning, middle and end. This made it a bit difficult to follow the story of the two lovers.



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