Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Adam Richard Gaypocalypse

This review was published on the AU review on 08/04/2014 and can be viewed here.

Adam Richard knows how to keep an audience hanging onto his every word whether he be talking about serious issues or making jokes.

Known for his crude style of humour, tonight’s show was quite subdued. Richard’s forewarned the audience before launching into his most dirty joke; a anecdote about how his mother had bought him a second hand recorder when he was a kid because they were too poor to purchase a new one.

Adam Richard’s Gaypocalypse delves into political issues including gay marriage, asylum seekers and zombies, mixed with ideas on the world ending.

Despite being a comedy show, Richards’ ramblings were quite serious with a funny twist to some stories. He passionately spoke about legalising gay marriage and questioned whether gay marriage would bring on an apocalypse. We also discovered his fear of lesbians and while talking about asylum seekers he quietly put his two cents worth in by saying, “It must be pretty bad where they come from”. Additionally, he suggested that if the asylum seekers were zombies they could take over the jobs others don’t want to do such as door-to-door salesman and supermarket self checkout chick.

Richards finished his show with a little song number, ‘produced by John Foreman and Ricki-Lee (Coulter)’. His vocals just blew you away. He instructed the audience to stand up for the gays national anthem before launching into “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. A few audience members awkwardly half stood up but realised no one else was standing, so sheepishly sat back down.

The ideologies on PC issues Richards was putting forth in the one-hour show were thought provoking during and after the show. Rather than trying to make you laugh your guts out, Richards really got the cogs in your mind grinding into motion on issues we should be contemplating.

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