Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Fiona O’Loughlin’s My Brilliant Career

This review was published on the AU review 01/04/2014 and can be viewed here.

You know a stand up show is going to be great when the first line that comes out of a comedian’s mouth is, “I’m fifty, I’m half way to dead.”

This was a perfect set-up for Fiona O’Loughlin’s My Brilliant Career, who kicked off her first 2014 Comedy Festival show raving on about how excited she was to grow old and go live in a nursing home.

O’Loughlin road tested five stories to tell the audience from her fifteen year long, and still kicking, international comedy career. Stand up appearances for Fiona include spots on some of the biggest comedy festivals in the world, including Montreal’s exclusive Just For Laughs, LA’s Hollywood Improv comedy club and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

As per usual O’Loughlin threw in anecdotes about her children and her drinking problems, but this time she talked about something she rarely talks about: dabbling in taking drugs. One ecstasy tablet and that was it. She carried it around for five years and we were privy to hear what happened when she finally decided to consume it.

The biggest word of advice you take from the show is to never meet your idols. O’Loughlin did, and made a fool of herself not once, but twice. Who cares if you’ve been pining over them for years, even decades! Just don’t do it. You’ll just have to go see the show to see who the Hollywood move star was.

The five stories stretched out to an unknown number of smaller stories that Fiona nicely amalgamated together, referencing and linking later stories to earlier ones. Despite the chopping up of stories, the show flowed well in keeping everything in the show relevant. O’Loughlin has come a far way from the time the CEO’s wife from a company she used to work for came onto the stage during one of her shows and told her to get off the stage and go home. Just wait until you hear about the affair she nearly had and the hilarity of her family life.

O’Loughlin definitely knows how to keep her audience engaged throughout the entire show. Even when the audience weren’t laughing, they were transfixed to her every word and mesmerised by the life she has led thus far. At times O’Loughlin would chuckle at her own jokes, an unusual laugh, she tells the audience, that her mother hates, but her audience adore.

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