Reviews – Paul McCartney New (2013 LP)

This review was published on the AU review on 07/11/2013 and can be viewed on their website here.


Following surprise performances for fans in NY and London, Paul McCartney has released his latest album; the modern, eclectic and funky New. Co-producing the album by various individuals, including Mark Ronson and Paul Epworth, McCartney has created an array of genres across the release.

McCartney recently told Rolling Stone that while he was brainstorming the tracks for this album he could feel the presence of Lennon in the room. McCartney even ‘conversed’ with him on decisions for the album.

Kicking off is the rock-filled “Save Us“, complete with distorted guitar and choral backing vocals. A few tracks on, “Queenie Eye” is repetitive in all the right ways and the acoustic “Early Days” seemingly features a recycled riff and sound from McCartney’s 2007 track “Dance Tonight“.

Title track “New” is catchy, toe-tapping and hand-clap inducing. And the funky “I Can Bet” has you bopping your head.

By far, the standout track is the Giles Martin produced “Everybody Out There“, with its simple repetitive guitar riffs, shout out lyrics and musically climatic last thirty seconds.

At times, McCartney’s vocals are a little atonal and it sounds like he’s finding it hard to keep in tune. However, despite this anomaly, New is catchy, uplifting and full of sing along songs. The instrumentals and backing vocals make up for the downfall and all in all the result is a superb release from one of the legends of the industry.

Review Score: 8.6 out of 10 – AU APPROVED!

New is available now.


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