Reviews – Jude Perl @ Pure Pop Records 15/09/2013

Jude Perl and her band performing at St Kilda Festival 2014 - Photograph by Lillian Altman
Jude Perl and her band performing at St Kilda Festival 2014 – Photograph by Lillian Altman

Melbourne funkster Jude Perl performed an hour-long set at Pure Pop Records that was so impressive a great deal of passersby stopped to listen.

At one point, a pair of young girls were coaxed into coming into the store, fell in love with the music, bought Jude’s debut EP 3amand asked her to sign it!

Performing covers as well as originals from 3am –  recorded and produced at Sing Sing Studios andreleased earlier this year – Jude charmed the crowd with her vocals, piano playing and the occasional joke or too in between tracks. Luckily for Jude, the crowd laughed at her daggy jokes. She even attempted imitating the sounds of her absent band members instruments with comical results.

Jude’s performance was soulful and funky with a touch of humour. The new fans giggled during Girls & Boys as Jude sang the lyrics ‘boys want their fingers in every pie.’ Girls & Boys is currently doing the rounds on commercial radio around Australia.

Jude finished off her set with hilarity with one of her favourite musicians tracks, Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing. Jude got the crowd singing and paused throughout the song to discuss the obscurity of some of the lyrics.

Located in Barkly Street, St Kilda, Pure Pop Records, owned by Bon Scott’s (AC/DC) son, Dave Stephens, puts on shows almost every night featuring local up-and-coming artists as well as well known international artists.

Jude Courtesy of Jude Perl
With teeth as white as pearls
Courtesy of Jude Perl


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