Reviews – Jude Perl’s 3am EP single Girls & Boys

The video for Jude Perl‘s Girls & Boys, from her debut EP 3am, is one of those film clips where you wished you were there.

A graduate of Bachelor of Music at Monash University in Melbourne, Jude is one of those individuals who when you meet is a fun and bubbly person to be around and that really comes across in her lyrics and vocals. She regularly performs with a band around Melbourne and they currently have a residency each Thursday night in August at Purple Emerald in Northcote.

Girls & Boys is funky and bouncy with a bit of bass, drums, guitar and keyboard thrown in to create a Michael Jackson Blame It On The Boogie-esque tone.

The film clip for the track makes you fall in love with the song even more. Produced by Monster and Bear ProductionsGirls & Boys is set in a children’s backyard party. Shenanigans commence by a bullying princess attendee, a cake fight breaks out and tables are turned (literally). The choreographed synchronised dancing towards the end doesn’t seem out of place nor cheesy.

Girls & Boys is one of those tracks you just can’t get out of your head.

The film clip for this track can be viewed here:

Want more? Here’s the making of of the film clip:


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