Reviews – Fleetwood Mac Extended Play EP 2013

Amidst a mammoth world-tour, classic rock legends Fleetwood Mac have released a love-laced 4-track EP, Extended Play, featuring three new tracks and an old Nicks/Buckingham collaboration.

The EP kicks off with Sad Angel, a guitar-driven rhythmic track. The poppy verse gets you singing along with the lyrics ‘Hello, Hello, Sad Angel’. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in early May, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham said this track was written by him especially for (vocalist and old flame) Stevie Nicks and the relationship between them.

Following on is Without You with its rhythmically uplifting guitar-driven tone contrasted by the harmonising vocals of Nicks and Buckingham. Without You is the only track on this release that wasn’t newly produced. Neither Nicks or Buckingham are sure when the track first surfaced, however, Buckingham recalls in the aforementioned interview with Rolling Stone that it was written by Nicks to convey her feelings to Buckingham about their relationship during their pre-Fleetwood Mac days. They produced one album together, Buckingham Nicks in 1973before being invited to join Fleetwood Mac the following year.

It Takes Time is an emotional slow-paced piano ballad.

The EP finishes off nicely with Miss Fantasy; an upbeat track with its harmonising vocals accoompanied by the percussive backbeat of Mick Fleetwood’s drums. Miss Fantasy was also written by Buckingham for Nicks about the pair.

In an interview with Billboard in April, Nicks said the release is short because she believes that people don’t want long albums anymore and the band is open to producing more new tunes if Extended Play is successful. The band have already started performing the songs live, even before the EP’s release at the end of April.

Fleetwood Mac – Mick Fleetwood (drums/percussion), Stevie Nicks (vocals), Lindsey Buckingham (vocals/guitar) and John McVie (bass) minus Christine McVie (vocals/keys) – will be hitting our shores in November with a slew of winery performances (A Day on the Green festival) and stadium shows, with some shows already sold out just days after tickets were released.

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