Reviews – The Cat Empire’s Brighter Than Gold (single)

Ten years on and The Cat Empire are still finding ways of re-energising their sound with Brighter Than Gold, the debut single from the band’s soon-to-be-released fifth studio album, Steal The Light.

Brighter Than Gold kicks off with the squeal of a trumpet and trombones, jazzy drums and the twang of a double bass emanating into a Latin inspired track. The Latin beat gets you on your feet and shaking your hips from left to right.

Felix Riebl’s vocals are contrasted in the chorus with harmonious backing vocals echoing his lyrics followed on by rhythmic toots of the brass section.

The lyrics aren’t quite coherent so you find yourself absorbing the music rather than concentrating on the lyrical content.

The official film clip for the track, produced by Nicholas Verso, features a carnivalesque theme complete with Latin dancers who also featured in their latest performances around the country including White Night Melbourne and St Kilda Festival.

Coinciding with the release of the album, The Cat Empire recently announced the Steal The Light World Tour, their biggest tour yet, which kicks off in Brisbane May 10.


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