Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Josh Thomas Douchebag @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 04/04/2013


Watching Josh Thomas live is as awkward as he is when you’re watching him on TV.

He constantly fumbled around with the microphone stand not keeping it upright and at times he would pause and the look on his face indicated he was thinking hard about what to say next.

These imperfections, however, add character to his show, Douchebag, in which he relays incidents in his life where he acted, in his own words, like a ‘douchebag’.

If you recently watched his ABC miniseries, Please Like Me, a large chunk of the show will feel like déjà vu, as many of the anecdotes he tells were also portrayed in the television series.

The topics cover different points of his life like the time his boyfriend, also named Josh (no surname divulged), told Thomas he loves him. Thomas pretended to be asleep, hoping his boyfriend wouldn’t notice, so he wouldn’t have to say ‘I love you’ back, to the time he holidayed in Thailand willingly searching for one of those infamous ‘happy ending’ type places to get a massage. He also talks about current happenings, including openly admitting to competing in the new reality show, Celebrity Splash, for the money.

Thomas also attempted a little singing and kept his full house audience, mostly consisting of Gen-Y girls, giggling the entire show. He even attempted to heckle some latecomers, but found it difficult due to the stage lights shining in his eyes.

At the conclusion of the show Thomas auctioned off a cake which he had baked and had sitting amongst vases full of flowers on a table behind him, along with a signed poster, DVD, and other items, with the money raised going to UNICEF. I love how every time I go to a comedy show, the audience thinks that they’re all funny as hell with one audience member bidding $69. The winning bid was over $100. I really thought it would go for a  much smaller amount.

After the auction, in a first, since I’ve been attending comedy shows, Josh Thomas was the first comedian I’d seen tell his audience that he will not allow people to have their photo taken with him at his signing after the show. He did, however, say that people could take photos of him.

Overall, in all his awkwardness and douchiness, Josh Thomas knows how to make a crowd laugh and feel sympathetic for him, even when talking about the times he wasn’t exactly the nicest person.

Josh Thomas, Debra Lawrence and Hannah Gadsby at the Please Like Me series 4 launch at ACMI, Melbourne in November 2016:

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