Reviews – The Living End Retrospective Tour: Roll On @ The Corner Hotel 16/12/12

Having sold out a record breaking nine out of eleven shows at The Corner Hotel, The Living End are at the tail-end of their 39-date national The Retrospective Tour.

The previous record for the venue was held by Megan Washington and Matt Corby with five sold-out shows apiece.

Warming up the fans as they entered the venue was DJ Cosmic Dolphin (Johnny Mackay from Children Collide). Mackay concluded his DJing duties with the audience belting out to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Support act for the night between DJ sets was Melbourne indie rock act Kingswood, who’s performance included head bopping Triple J Unearthed approved, ‘Medusa‘ and ‘Yeah Go Die‘.

Each night of the tour consists of The Living End performing each of their six studio albums in full, with tonight focusing on their sophomore release, Roll On.

Their performance was introduced by a short clip on the history of the album, the curtains were drawn back and the band appeared on stage fittingly kicking off with title track, Roll On.

With the fans moshing with such ferocity for their homegrown heroes, the band stormed through the release in chronological order with a few covers thrown in.

Halfway throughout their performance the band called a couple on the stage who were handed over a poster they’d ‘won in a raffle’. Little did we know that this was all a set up until frontman Chris Cheney asked the guy if he had anything to say; he turned to his girlfriend, got down on one knee and proposed to her.

For those of you who are wondering… she said yes!

Cheney wished them a long and happy marriage before launching into Dirty Man, which fittingly ran with the theme of the moment with lyrics such as ‘Made a part of history’ and ‘Feel like I just got married / And divorced in the one day. A guy next to me in the mosh pit could be heard saying that he thought it was funny, because of the name, that this track was played next.

Their performance ended in an all-too-quick one hour set with the energetic, sing-along, Uncle Harry.

Much to the disappointment of the crowd, there was no encore played to close the show.

Despite constantly ending up in the mosh pit behind others who were at least a head taller than I, I enjoyed hearing the band live once again. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen them perform. The crazy atmosphere of the mosh and singing along with my fellow fans was definitely a great way to finish the weekend off. I guess you could say I was feeling a little nostalgic, considering I hadn’t seen the band perform live for a year or two.

Could this trip down memory lane of their career spanning nearly two decades be the ending of an era for The Living End or will the band keep rolling on?

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  1. gaby says:

    great article Lily ! U must enjoied it very much !!!

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