Reviews – Carl Cox @ Billboard The Venue 18/03/2011

This review was published in 3D World on March 23rd 2011. 3D World was Street Press Australia’s dance music publication replaced by Three Magazine in 2011.

DJs Heath Renata, Eric Powell and 1928 are the warm up DJs of choice for the night, but unfortunately the response to their monotonous set is lacklustre at best.

As if to whip the crowd into action, Carl Cox emerges wearing a shirt that reads “DANCE. HERE. NOW” – and dance their little hearts out they did. Commencing at 1am for an epic three-hour set, his performance is a mix of pre-recorded tracks, live vocals and instrumentation.

Kickstarting the night with Cox is actor and singer Juanita Timpanaro, followed by local singer-songwriter Shelley Segal, trumpeter extraordinaire Tom Jovanovic and The Galvatrons’ main man Johnny Galvatron. Additional vocals are presented by a mystery male singer, his identity masked by his black hoodie. The first hour of the set is solely dedicated to showcase tunes from his yet-to-be-completed forthcoming fourth LP, Every Road Leads To The Dancefloor, and it seems the follow-up to 2005’sSecond Signswill exhibit his signature style of techno alongside dubstep, Latin house and drum ‘n’ bass.

Cox is smack bang in the middle of the stage between Every Road… co-producers DJ Josh Abraham and David Carbone throughout the whole set. For a man who’s been in the DJing industry for 20-plus years and is pushing 50 years of age, Coxy’s a joy to watch and you can tell he’s really enjoying getting into his element pumping out danceable tunes. Even after all these years his enjoyment of his job is palpable as he communicates with his fans and busts a move or two himself, all the while with a huge grin on his face.


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