News stories – Auction sees couple come back for more

This article was published in the rural news section of the Warwick Daily News on 31/05/2012.

THIS week’s pig and calf sale bargain buy goes to Shayne, nabbing four handmade boomerangs for $50.

The Greenmont resident and his wife travel to the Warwick market every two to three weeks, with this week’s purchases also including a wooden dining table.

“I like old things and collecting them,” Shayne told the Daily News.

Other items up for auction around the grounds this week included hay bales, rusted metal pickets, an antique bed and used biscuit tins.

Livestock, fresh fruit and honey were also sold.

In the pigs category, heavy sows were sold for $349 and light sows at $200 each.

Light bacon sold for $198-217 and light stores sold for $32-40.

In the calves category, heavy veal sold for $372-432 and beef cross calves at $120.

Light trade sold for $120-190 and underweight Friesian cows for $22-40.

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