Reviews – Shelley Segal An Atheist Album launch @ PJ O’Brien’s 17/04/2012

Melbourne singer/songwriter Shelley Segal has performed with the likes of DJ Carl Cox, recorded her debut LP in London and earlier this year performed at the Reason Rally in Washington, D.C.

Brought up in a Jewish family, Segal has recently become the pin-up girl of atheism; those who believe there is no scientific or factual evidence that God exists. Her songwriting is heavily influenced by her beliefs.

Capping off the weekend of the 2012 Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, armed with an acoustic guitar, Segal performed a slew of tracks from her debut release, An Atheist Album, and previewed unreleased gems.

Performing to a small crowd of family and friends, and fellow atheists from the convention, Segal was joined by special guest, American minister-turned-atheist, Dan Barker, who performed jazzy piano tunes laced with humorous atheist-related lyrics. Her father, Victorian College of the Arts graduate, Danny Segal, accompanied Segal on violin for a handful of tracks.

Adding a comedic flair to the night was magician/comedian/writer/radio host etc. Simon Taylor who got laughs for a minimal amount of atheist related jokes amongst other topics.

Finally, it was time to hear the songstress unleash her rocking eclectic mix of tracks, which were performed over a couple of hours. Saved, the first single off her album, was the standout track of the night. With a strum of her guitar and the opening lyrics Say That I Need to be Saved, Saved is a mellow, catchy tune.

Towards the end of the night upon request, albeit with hesitance, Segal performed crowd favourite Salamander. The back-story for this track, Segal explains, comes from a time following a break up with a boyfriend. She decided to buy a Salamander while working at a Caribbean Gardens Market stall. It died by the time she got home. The tongue-in-cheek track compares the ‘pet’ to her ex.

The only inkling of religion was during Afterlife, which was interjected with a recitation of a Jewish prayer in Hebrew.

Will Segal bestow upon us more of her atheistic ideologies when she releases her sophomore release?


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