Features – Jewish Film Club: Jewish Film Festivals in Your Living Room

This article was written as a freelance piece for LA/NY blueprint. The article can also be viewed here. Published on 25/06/2011.

Ever wished for your very own Jewish Film Festival in your living room?

You can start popping your popcorn now in celebration of the recent launch of Film Movement’s Jewish Film-of-the-Month Club.

The Jewish Film Club is a subscription-based service for Canadian and U.S. residents. Members are treated to an award-winning Jewish-themed film and bonus short, while still playing the the movie theaters or before public release. The films can be viewed either on DVD, or for the more tech-savvy via online streaming.

The idea for the service came about after ten years of traveling to the world’s most well-known film festivals for Gartenstein and his team. They found that thousands of people attended Jewish film festivals each year. The idea was to bring the festivals to the homes of those who can’t attend.

From these festivals, the Jewish Film Club staff carefully handpick the films for your viewing pleasure. embers are treated to features and shorts that would not normally see the light of day, among the 500-plus films Hollywood pumps out each year.

To add a little spice, the Jewish Film Club is sponsored by JDate, whose members receive 20% off subscription fees. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds of the company is donated to the Chai Lifeline.

The current feature available is Academy award-winning Protektor. Set in Prague during World War II the story centers on Hana, a famous Jewish film star married to Emil, a radio broadcaster. Her status as a Jew causes a downfall in her career. Emil works for a propagandist Nazi station to keep his wife protected as the reigns of the Nazi’s are tightened. Will fate keep these two lovebirds together?

September/October’s film is Seven Minutes in Heaven. Galia and her boyfriend Oren are caught up in a terrorist attack on a local bus in Jerusalem. Galia is left emotionally and physically scarred; Oren is in a coma. Following Oren’s death, a year on, Galia tries to piece together what happened on the day of the attack with help from a necklace sent to her from an unidentified source.

Current subscription numbers are unavailable however Mr. Gartenstein, hopes to expand to 50,000 users in the next three years.

“I would like the Jewish Film Club to be a household name. I would like our films to be talked about and shared within the Jewish Community, and by all film lovers in North America. Gartenstein said.

The cost of an annual subscription of 6 films is $108 + free shipping, $68 for a 6-month 3 film subscription plus $3.25 S&H per DVD or a bi-monthly no-contract basis for $28 plus $3.25 S&H per DVD.

For more information:

Website: www.jewishfilmclub.com

Phone number: 1-855-JFC-FILM or 1-855-532-3456

Email: info@jewishfilmclub.com


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