Letter to the Editor – To Inpress about the late announcements of BDO’s line-up

Published in Inpress magazine in August 2010.

Dear Inpress,

With so many summer music festivals vying to bring in the biggest crowd, I’m surprised the Big Day Out line-up is released at least a month after the Falls Festival and Summerdayze line-ups.

For many music fans it’s a hard choice between going to BDO or Falls, or both; especially when money is an issue. And with BDO falling on Australia Day in Melbourne, brings into the mix a whole new issue.

With the introduction of a ballot system for purchasing Falls tickets, it can get frustrating waiting to find out if you’ve been selected in the ballot, whilst the ballot system for BDO is used as a second option.

With BDO behind the ball in announcing its line-up shouldn’t the organisers be pushing to forward the release of performing acts to be in line with its competing festivals?


Do you agree that the line-up and purchasing of BDO tickets should be pushed forward, to be in line with the rest of the fests?

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