Reviews – John Butler Trio. These Are The Days: The Making of April Uprising DVD

This DVD review was published in Inpress.

Recording an album can be a tedious task; filming a making-of DVD can be even more monotonous, especially when the band has to do it because management ‘says so.’ The John Butler Trio turned the whole process into a fun-filled affair, which really shows in the DVD, in that the viewer believes the band are actually enjoying themselves. Including homemade and professional footage, the DVD provides fans with a sneak peak into the behind-the-scenes workings of the band.

These are the Days takes you back to April 2009, to when John Butler and newfound band members Nicky Bomba (drums/percussion) and Byron Luiters (bass) began fleshing out songs for Butler’s fifth studio album April Uprising. This time ’round the singer decided to invest in his own rehearsal art studio at his Freemantle home, referred to as ‘the Compound’, rather than use someone else’s studio. Instead of focusing only on Butler, this documentary looks at the band as a whole, as well as the production team and his family. The crazy antics the boys get up to will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. You also get an insight into Butler’s love for skateboarding and graffiti, and a tour by Butler himself of the Freemantle Market in Perth, where his professional music career began 12 years ago with a spot of busking (sometime earning him up to $30 an hour). Although the current members have only been playing with each other for a short time, we are shown that they have utmost respect for one another; the chemistry between them is just phenomenal.

Special features include 12 minutes of footage that didn’t make it onto the feature, and additional interviews.

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