Reviews – Premodernists EP (re)launch @ Pony 23/10/2010

Published in Inpress street magazine in November 2010.

Melbourne lads Premodernists recently (re)launched their debut EP, Dance a Little. The first launch occurred in December last year, and this one is to celebrate that a distribution company picked up the release. The DIY release was wholly recorded at a university radio station.

One of the Many supports of the night are electro-rockers 8 Bit Love. The Shepparton three-piece perform an eclectic mix of dance tunes, which sound like Art Vs. Science, The Presets and Architecture in Helsinki all rolled into one. Their drummer plays remarkably well for someone dressed in a Gumby suit. Not once did he miss a beat. Their vocalist doesn’t either, even though he’d only slept three hours the previous night.

After a short break, Premodernists take to the stage. Consisting of Aswin Lakshman (guitar/vox), Brad Elphintsone (bass/vox), Nicholas Leggatt (guitar/vox) and Tyse Axford (drums), the alternative garage rockers perform mostly instrumental tracks. The room is packed with true fans of the band, singing along to every single song. The standout track of the night is Hey Sylvana (not named after any girl in particular). It’s short, sharp, and hooks you in from the opening hard guitar riffs. A couple of songs in Lakshman’s fingers are bleeding all over his guitar, however, he powers through the rest of the set. The set finishes with Flicker Little Lights. The This upbeat rock track is, with its echoing minimal ranging vocals, has a Children Collide-esque feel to it.

The official film clip for Flicker Little Lights can be viewed here:

The night doesn’t end there. The audience are shouting for more. Lakshman plays along with them, admitting they’re not prepared for it and don’t really know what to play. With a cheer from the crowd, they launch into a rock-fuelled rendition of The B-52’s Rock Lobster, evidently, a favourite at Premodernists gigs. Sean Figgers from The Whole Molko (also supporting on the night) jumps onto the stage armed with a cowbell.

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