Reviews – Little Birdy @ Old Melbourne Gaol 14/10/2009

Published on on 24/10/2009.

What do the Australian four-piece rock band Little Birdy and its members Katy Steele (vocals/guitar), Simon Leach (guitar), Scott ‘Barney’ O’Donoghue (bass), and Matt Chequer (drums) and the infamous Aussie bush ranger Ned Kelly have in common?

Little Birdy Performing at Old Melbourne Gaol

They have both performed at the Old Melbourne Gaol on Russell Street in the heart of Melbourne.

Well Ned Kelly… not quite – but he is the jail’s most infamous inmate… so I guess you could say ‘performed’ there when he was hanged in 1880.

One hundred and twenty nine years later, on the 14th of October 2009, Little Birdy performed an exclusive gig at the Old Melbourne Gaol.

The gig was played in the hallway where its prisoners were once held in their cells; right underneath where Ned Kelly was hanged.

The night was filled with songs from a wide range of their albums and EPs, with a special performance of Brother, a duet Katy Steele recorded with Australia’s folk legend Paul Kelly. Unfortunately, Kelly was not in attendance, but there were other musicians to help enhance the performance. The Wolfgramm Sisters were the back-up singers of the night, situated behind the band; a brass band trio played from above.

They played an hour-and-a-half set filled with tracks from almost all of their albums and EPs, including ‘Relapse’, ‘Beautiful To Me’ and ‘Come On Come On’. As well as tracks from their latest album, Confetti.

Katy told the crowd that ‘Everyone is Sleeping’ was written at a time when she couldn’t sleep and though everybody else in the world was sleeping. She also cheekily mentioned she was sharing her bed with a certain someone at the time, but wouldn’t divulge who that someone was…

The highlight of the night was their encore track, Bodies. Everybody was signing along and dancing their little hearts out!

It wasn’t the best concert I’ve been too however it was the most unique. The venue was quirky and eerie but effective in introducing an intimate performance as was promised.

Who would have imagined that when prisoners were living in those jail cells over a hundred years ago, that the future was to hold a rock concert there?

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